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marionetizao of the worker, as ones of suascaractersticas. Not obstante, as reply to the crisis of the fordismo, appears a new model of production, the Just in teams or acumulaoflexvel of the capital, promoting true (reverse speed) an evolution in the sistemaorganizacional of the modern company, introducing in the system of produonovas forms of planning and organization of the productive process, commaior flexibility, stimulated for the dosmeios modernization and speed of communication e> transport, in end, a bigger easiness to ematender the search of the diverse markets of consumption. Filed under: Wells Fargo Bank. Some reflections on the capitalism If I go to weave balances on the capitalist system deproduo, becomes necessary to try of some form to appraise it for a melhorcompreenso of the reader. this will be made to the light of the thought and conception dealguns authors. When capitalism is about the term, in all undeniable its complexidade the importance of the thought of Marx, when Stedily interprets it daseguinte forms: ' ' as the production way where operriosassalariados, dispossessing of the means of production and, legally free, produce more-value; where the work force if converts into merchandise, cujaoferta and the demand if processes in the conditions of the existence of a exercitoindustrial of reserve, where the means of production assume the capital form, of private property destined to the production extended under sedestina form of that to mercado' ' (STEDILY, 2004, P. 16) : britomelque@ yahoo.com.br, Other authors, such as Sombart and Weber. For the first one, ‘ ‘ the essence of the capitalism is in the totality of the aspects representadosno spirit that has inspired to all the life of a society in its tempo’ ‘ (SOMBART, apud, Dobb, 1987, P. 14). According to Maurice Dobb, in its workmanship, Aevoluo of the Capitalism, Weber comment on the capitalism of seguinteforma: It (the capitalism) is present where he wants that the provisoindustrial for the necessities of a human group is executed by mtododa company, and a rational establishment as an establishment comcontabilizao of the capital.


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