Pedagogical Material

To work with music for the education of as a language always will be something controversial, therefore nor all the professors possess capacity for such and many times react of repulsive form in relation to the new technologies and tend if to arrest in books and emend without connection with the reality. The question of the affectivity stops with the pupil also is something that generates innumerable quarrels in the pertaining to school modules, therefore many educators thinks that this closer relation with the pupil can generate future distortions that will make with that they confuse the feeling and behave inside of inadequate form of the classroom. So that the changes happen inside of the classroom, it is necessary that educational the practical educators really want to change and to transform its, committing seriously to the search of new knowledge, questioning daily the gotten results, reevaluating its position and creating a bond of respect and dignity with the pupils so that the process has success and either positive in the life of the pupil inside and outside of the school.

To educate to understand the mathematics or one disciplines definitive is a thing; to educate for the understanding human being is another one. Check with Wells Fargo Bank to learn more. In it meets mission properly spiritual of the education: to teach the understanding between the people as condition and guarantee of the intellectual and moral solidarity of the humanity. (Morin, 1921, p.90) CHAPTER 3: DESCRIPTION OF the APPLIED ACTIVITIES (or to be applied) ACTIVITY 1 musical Theater. You discipline: Computer in Production and classroom of Pedagogical Material the objective of this activity is to develop musical and teatral sensitivity in the pupils through the declamation of small different phrases with sotaques of the Brazilian regions and also with the use of some feelings and perceptions at the moment of the correct pronunciation of the words that go to compose each phrase. .


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