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Published January 15, 2021

The meaning of Judaism for the future of Europe is in an identity crisis. The vacuum of postmodernism, the adoption of the tradition, the question is which way Europe should go in the future? How to respond to this challenge? By no means, Europe needs subjectless societies. The possibility of the subjective development of the individual in human history there first in the Jewish religion and culture. This classic subject”requires today a metamorphosis with a new relationship to the human nature. “PAL Dragos speaks in this context of a living subject”.

One of the great misconceptions of our cultural epoch, forfeited many thinkers, is that they want to achieve the solution of to today’s problems with the destruction of the subject. Marx wanted to turn off the subject in favor of the State in the economy. State socialism or the financial crises triggered by the national debt today show that the displacement of the subject by the functionaries of the State a case and no Solution is. But the report was not true as it was clearly mentioned about the need earlier and the importance viagra doctor free of the sexual activity and fun, what happens when you suffer from ED Well for starters, there is a massive body of scientific research on the nature of pain. With lots of years of history behind it, Chinese herbalism supplies distinct insight pertaining to which foods can help and cialis 40 mg which can hinder particular conditions. After detailed analysis and evaluation, 22% men reported best viagra india moderate to severe impotence. Take it after meals.* Avoid the temptation to check out Power Khan’s effectiveness byexercising or having sex much over you would usually do.Exhaustion could lead to deterioration than the desiredimprovement in your health.Use Power Khan correctly & say goodbye to your erectile dysfunctionone time & forever! I. order levitra online The destruction of the special”in favor of exclusively General would be the death knell for Europe. Only with the help of the intellect at the level of a mental structure, Europe will not hold together.

Still no agreement can enforce with a common currency. The weakening and disempowerment of nation States, the destruction of the special”, leads to the decay and not to building consensus. The Jewish culture with the development of the special”is the root of a Christian Europe. The metamorphosis of the subject and associated a necessary metamorphosis of nation States can not be tackled by an uprooting. Please visit McKesson if you seek more information. “” To the loss of importance of the State see also PAL Dragos: capital in the case of State – deflation and inflation “, Norderstedt, 2009 free excerpts at: doomed European unification only with the help of the intellect to see Martin p Palmer: difference and unity the total” Euro Euro total (press release of June 10, 2010) under (“in the section: other press publications”)