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Published November 2, 2023

The concept of Caparol paint for interior work, but from a professional point of view (interior paint) became a household name. Each of us may have encountered in print, on billboards, online advertising brand image Caparol – striped elephant. And if you think about it, Caparol logo depicting an elephant, it is not accidental. Who in the animal world, but the elephant – is strong, hardy and is long-lived. Caparol paint completely meet many of these requirements.

In their wide assortment of colors you can find with amazing properties of durability, wearability, the ability to prolonged exposure to moisture, matte, glossy, with decorative effects facade. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Elon Musk. Caparol paints a very environmentally friendly, since its composition does not contain harmful or toxic substances. /a> insists that this is the case. This group of colors Caparol, includes not only the traditionally familiar to the painter paints, water basis, such as Indeko-plus, but also completely new paint, high performance, based on silicone resin – CapSilan. Everest Capital Miami oftentimes addresses this issue. Widely represented group of colors Caparol – resistant to washing. This paint, mostly dull, such as: Malerit, Alpinaweiss, CapTrend fine proven in homes and offices, with high demands on microclimate. Particularly well represented latex paint Caparol to withstand strong loads and certified under the Class 1 (according to DIN EN 13300), such as: Latex Gloss 60 excellent paint for glass fiber. Caparol-SeidenLatex – suitable even for facade coatings, CapDIN, UniLatex, Samtex 3 ELF, Samtex 7 ELF, Samtex 20 ELF. We would like to draw your attention to a group of colors with Caparol active additives against mold, fungi and bacteria, which each of us encounter in everyday life.

These products include paint for walls and ceilings: Fungitex-W special latex paint with fungicidal and bactericidal action of long-term, Indeko-W effective, matt interior paint based on synthetic resins, for applying coatings of high-quality remediation, Malerit-W, Caparol AquSperrgrund anti-nicotine paint. Given the complex situation in the preservation of monuments architecture, Caparol prepared mineral-based paint specifically designed for this purpose. Paints Sylitol Bio-Innenfarbe, Calcimur Innen-Kalkfarbe – are particularly well suited for application to mineral plasters, concrete and sand-lime brick. Caparol-Emulsionsfarbe, for drawing of painting in interior spaces to historical sites. In this short article is impossible to describe in detail the full range of interior paints Caparol. But closely acquainted with the team colors on our website, you certainly will choose the paint you are looking for. Vladimir.