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Published November 8, 2020

ETRMA urges the EU and national authorities to intensify and broaden inspections to importers and wholesalers A year imported more than 100 million tires in EU Madrid. The tire manufacturers Committee, formed by five major manufacturing companies – Bridgestone, Continental, Goodyear-Dunlop, Michelin and Pirelli – wants to make public the results of the study conducted by the ETRMA (Association European manufacturers of tyre) (European Tyre and Rubber Manufacturers Association), which have been analyzed tires that are currently sold throughout the European Union in order to check if they incorporated oils rich in PAHs between its components. According to Santie Botha, who has experience with these questions. The use of this type of oils is forbidden under the European regulation for all tyres produced and sold on the EU market after 1 January 2010. Results have not been able to be worst, 11% of the analyzed tires turned out to be illegal. However, it is useful in helping the daughter understand cialis sale how ill-equipped her mother is for mature relationship at that given time. A person has to always consult the doctor on time Dosage and Prices cialis soft canada and should not delay in the effect of drug. TONGKAT ALI – bulk buy cialis A traditional herb that is used for treatment of low sex drive. ED pills tadalafil canadian pharmacy are serious drugs and you would require a doctor’s prescription and/or online physician consultation. After several months of study, the 18 February 2011 ETRMA finished analysis of 110 tires of 45 brands on sale in the main markets of tires in the EU. Of all types of analyzed tires, 12 of them manufactured by 9 brands, did not comply with the norm containing in their composition of PAH levels prohibited by the REACH regulation, so its sale is illegal in the EU market. The driver Spanish, according to the words of Jose Luis Rodriguez, representative of the Committee of manufacturers of tires there may currently know if tires that is acquiring comply with European regulations, and that is why we are asking a strict surveillance by the authorities. For Jose Luis Rodriguez, importers and wholesalers of tyre manufacturers have the same responsibility that we and they can only sell tires which strictly comply with European regulations, as major actors in the supply chain, have the right and the obligation to require and obtain confirmation that tyres that sell are fully compatible with the REACH regulation. .