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Published October 23, 2020

A Swiss company Esthron offers unique relaxation technology of Lucerne/Switzerland, relaxation, health, expansion of consciousness, only some of the arguments that speak for the wellness boom are stress reduction, for Esthron in Lucerne, the needs of the people are an essential economic factor. The floating – or also Samadhi-tank is a unique technical accomplishment and based on the results of research by John C. Lilly the floater which an American\”developed in 1954. The isolation tank as a\”known floater in the following years at American universities in research programs involved and over a wide range of tested. Resulted in varied fields of application: reduction of stress, chronic pain, addiction cessation, \”Superlearning\” and much more. The Samadhi-tank is above all an excellent instrument to self-knowledge, which also holds the advantage in itself to be neutral.

Here a method without the acquisition of a foreign belief system is better the inner self to get to know. The disease is commonly occurred in women of child-bearing age, especially in 20-40 years old women. levitra no prescription Causing a number of depressive effects on the central nervous system and heart levitra samples that may last up until the peak from the sexual relations. This is not achieved simply by pumping more blood cialis online prices to the penis. ED destroys a man’s intimate life and eventually affects his marital relationship. tadalafil overnight Users experience a fascinating wellness, where you drive and in your soul dangle in a State between wakefulness and sleep, weightless on the water surface. \”When we were faced with this topic in the Newsroom, it was clear we need to test that, in Lucerne, Michael Studer of owner of Esthron expected us\” and dedicated us a relaxation total in the wonderful world of. No matter what we call it information or computer age, today it is exposed to the human brain of a vast wealth of information and visual impressions. It is constantly busy reducing the abundance of external stimuli to filter in the balance to keep his biological body activities. Many problems such as aggression, addictions, stress and psychosomatic illnesses may be reactions to these permanent over-straining. The media such as television (eye), radio (ear) and others such as the Internet or mobile phone \”programming\” so to speak, the brain, and thus our minds.