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Published August 15, 2020

If to observe well this concept, we perceive that it is a typically behaviorista concept, that is, it uses the notion of division of traditional work, when it places to the different activities and coordination in the organization and points the individuals as contributing of the organization, instead of placing it as total inserted in the organizations. According to Dubrin (2003, P. 326): ‘ ‘ the organization is a meeting of people who work together to reach an intention comum’ ‘. Thus, we understand that organization is a link of technology, resources and people who if join to reach an objective in common. In accordance with Kotler and Keller (2006, P. 48), can be affirmed that: The organization of a company consists of its structure, its politics and its culture, that can become disfuncionais in an environment business-oriented in fast transformation. He then advises to take tadalafil online usa . Sex takes purchase generic cialis your relation long way, and even forever. The effect and the side effect of it will be 100 and prescription cialis cost onwards. Male impotence is found to be a form of sexual disorder not a disease; hence, one must viagra from canada follow the precautions while using an ED medicine. While the structure and the politics can be modified (with difficulty), the culture of the company is almost impossible to be changed. Many times, however, to change the corporative culture are the key to implement (to program) a success strategy.

The organization, therefore to remain itself in its structure, depends on people make who it to walk with its objectives and goals. Consequently so that the organizations walk well they need to use of viable methods to reach its objectives, that is, she is necessary to know all the environments of the company to foresee or to prevent the risks, from there then the great necessity appears of the marketing. 3,2 Marketing Since its creation the marketing suffers some changes and consequentemente, some definitions are given for it.