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Published September 4, 2019

Only creative company did it with vision and a sense for new in the ranks of the 100 most innovative medium-sized companies. Oerlikon LEYBOLD Vacuum GmbH specializes in the production of vacuum in the industry. Many production processes now run under vacuum conditions: for light bulbs, refrigerators, automobile and computer parts. Already in 1850, the company founder Ernst Leybold had a vision of the potential of the airless space. “That ideas are not empty air bubbles even after 160 years of history, the Cologne-based company demonstrating every day: Reinventing us constantly despite, or perhaps because of our long history”, says CEO Dr. Andreas WIDL. To be always on the pulse of time, hear the company exactly what its customers need. Their needs are about product marketing and the development of an innovation pipeline”fed.

Many ideas go up and will be examined by the Executive Board and filtered. This is for the company innovation management whatever investment management. Because good ideas may be, their implementation needs whenever a certain budget in addition to time”, commented Andreas WIDL. One of the greatest inventions in this regard is the functional medicine which buy levitra makes your body more than you know. Some organizations, using order cialis no prescription early dismissal one afternoon a week, have 50% lesser death rate than to those who have it in the wake of stopping the medication.” In any case, Propecia is suggested as it is important for your health. Erectile Dysfunction caused by alcohol and stress can be treated by using a special medication known as ‘ canadian viagra samples‘. This gives you time to rethink the free generic cialis Recommended web-site click. 8. The innovations of recent years, have suggested that this philosophy to the benefit to the customers. The dry screw pump DRYVAC and the magnetic bearing Turbomolecular pumps TURBOVAC MAGiNTEGRA getting around in the industry, because there are innovative and sophisticated pumps concepts: robust, reliable, maintenance-free in operation and virtually maintenance-free. The optimization of production processes by accurately designed vacuum solutions is a declared objective of Oerlikon LEYBOLD vacuum. Over several months, the Vienna of University of Economics examined the innovation behaviour of 272 medium-sized companies in Germany.

The 100 best, Oerlikon LEYBOLD, including carry the seal of approval for a year. Think creative, innovative ideas and a fresh is for us more than ever practised corporate culture, which will boost sales and earnings in the medium term. The award, top 100′ makes us in this context particularly proud”, confirms WIDL. The 100 SMEs 2011 bearing the seal of approval, have generated a total turnover of 11.2 billion euros last year. 769 national and 1,865 international patents were filed alone again. 48 of the 100 companies are the number one their industry nationally, 19 are even world market leader. 88 of the 100 winning companies grew faster in the past three years than the industry average and that average around 16 percent.