Network Marketing

1. Network Marketing. One of the most common types of earnings in the network. Doing himself. (Not to be confused with the pyramids, please read about them in my previous post). Advantages: a) The first and most important – it's big earnings.

b) Income which, when successfully work with people in the construction of certain structures, will bring you money over time, even without your participation. c) Develops you as a person and give you confidence in yourself and train to communicate with people in all situations. d) Competent approach to business involves sponsoring training rather than direct sales. d) Doing business as possible, without leaving home, and combining communication with people in real time. e) All of the parent Apline interested in what you would have started to make money and assistance – you are not alone! I recommend: 1.

Their network-thirds of the company wave (the grocery business), which is a leader, proven over the years, products and way of teaching in a team selected by the method of selection and a number of advantages over the others. More details here: (Link 1) subscribing to mailing list will receive a bonus and complete information. With me – a complete training course, takes you from beginner to the level of the leader. Creating your own website as a bonus. 2. Fast-growing company Aysif (development personal growth, coaching, training, education investment, the possibility of traveling to different countries), from which to go out training in different countries, went to rest in Turkey (please read my previous post) Details here: (Link 2) I have had training to work on the system, bringing their results at the first month.


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