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Published August 9, 2018

Editor's Note: Surge a new South American union of countries (and the Mercosur?) With objectives as diverse and complicated as the union cultural, social, economic and political … also achieve social inclusion, citizen participation, strengthening democracy … Horacio's wife is asking questions, and Hilary did not know what to say, if you want, read on … We can leave your comments with great enthusiasm Nace UNASUR Buenos Aires, Argentina May 26, 2008 On Friday, just got home My wife received me with the question: What is it of UNASUR? I honestly do not know what to say … Through the charity, the founders want to make every person feel like sildenafil generic canada a one big family so that they can all help each other. Your regular purchasing viagra online walk-in chemist might not show much enthusiasm in selling cost effective meds for economic reasons but this can’t be the case with a web chemist. Usually your woman or you may lose interest in once cialis on sale pleasurable activities, or having cognitive impairments (eg, difficulty concentrating, remembering details, making decisions). It has all the factors which a branded drug in buy 10mg levitra as it gives the best of its results. levitra a very essential component in a flourishing cardiovascular framework, which is key for sexual power. 8. I and I have answers to certain questions that she frequently performs as why can not spend more money, why do I have messy clothes, who ate such a thing and other issues related to home … But what UNASUR is really left me without answers. The truth is that last Friday, 12 countries signed the South American Treaty establishing the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR), which will have broad objectives, among which are the following: building, participatory and consensual manner, an integration and unity in the cultural, social, economic and political affairs of its people, giving priority to political dialogue, social policies, education, energy, infrastructure, finance and environment, among others, with a view to eliminating socioeconomic inequality, achieving social inclusion and citizen participation, strengthening democracy and reduce asymmetries within the framework of strengthening the sovereignty and independence of States. The UNASUR is formed by Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Surinam, Uruguay and Venezuela.