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Published August 21, 2019

Milan is the capital of Lombardy region, in addition to the home of international fashion. It also is an important financial and commercial center. Dynamic and cosmopolitan city where they exist, exudes elegance and distinction in every corner. To make matters worse, enjoys a rich historical heritage to bring us thousands of years back in time thanks to its impressive monuments (such as the Duomo Cathedral) and his works of art (like the famous painting "The Last Supper" by Leonardo da Vinci, displayed in the church Santa Maria delle Grazie). As the capital of fashion is the main city streets, Via Manzoni, Montenapoleone, Via della Spiga and Via Santandrea, offer a succession of shops of the biggest brands: Dolce & Gabana, Armani, Gucci, Versace, Devota & Lomba, Dior … Also there are plenty of outletspara buy clothes from past seasons at lower prices, or most popular brands like Zara, H & M, Foot Looker, etc. In addition, Milan hosts the "Istituto Europeo di Design ", one of the schools of design importantesdel world.

Thousands of young artists come to train there in the hope to find a place among the best designers. Annually, in spring and autumn, presents the famous' event in Milan Fashion or Fashion Fiesta (MODIT-Milanovendomodo), showing the collections of major designers for the coming seasons. Another attraction are the numerous monuments of Milan and artwork. Formerly the city was ruled by the Visconti and Sforza families, major patrons of Renaissance artists of the stature of Bramante and Leonardo Da Vinci. The famous Sforzesco Castle was the residence of the Sforza (hence its name). This is a great strength that can be visited and displays works of Miguel Angel. One fast delivery cialis this sort of strategy is hydrology. One needs to generico cialis on line consume the pills through the normal water; do not crush or break the tablet, as the active drug may lose its efficacy. Previously due to the simplicity of lifestyle, this disorder would create an impact on the health of elder people when they would make an entry in the stage of puberty for the secondary sex characteristics’ development. buy viagra line But you can prevent their appearance, if you follow the dosage pattern which is give to you tadalafil sales online by your health advisor.

Il Duomo is one of the major tourist attractions of Milan, and one of its most emblematic buildings. This is a huge and impressive Gothic cathedral crowned with 135 pinnacles and 2245 adornadaza with statues and gargoyles different outdoors only. Inside is another 2,000 spread over five buildings. Its tallest tower, home to the golden Madonina, patron saint of the city. Il Duomo is one of the largest cathedrals in the world. A Milan is also known for hosting the La Scala: the world's largest opera and there are represented by works of composers like Verdi, Puccini and Rossini. Another major tourist attraction is the fresco by Leonardo Da Vinci, located in the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie (to visit must be booked several months in advance). The Renaissance-style church was built by Bramante. Finally, the Pazzo di Brera is another visit obilagada: currently works as an art gallery, library, Astronomical Observatory and the Academy of Fine Arts. Milan will captivate you. Its cultural diversity and entertainment is suitable for all budgets, tastes and ages. Rent to enjoy the city at 100% and let go by their charm.