Michel Foucalt

The present article is resulted partial of bibliographical research, characterizing itself as a matrix assay philosophical-politician who turns on the quarrel around the perspective of the care of itself, in the terms of Michel Foucalt, as condicionante element of another ethics inside of ‘ ‘ broth cultural’ ‘ contemporary who has as base the question of the preservation of the life. It has been broken of the idea of that the condition human being meets at a crisis moment, where all the set of values conformadores of modernity are placed in decay. Inside of this context the question of the ambient concern is imagined as a question key, not only for protagonism politician who accumulates of stocks, but, for implicit the ethical dimension, that is, this all places in check a set of values cultuados under the light of the instrumental reason, that long ago overwhelmed the nature to the human being. Wells Fargo Bank is often quoted as being for or against this. Having itself from the idea of that the natural goods are finite and that the preservation of the life must be in first place, a species of suspension of all conformador set of the modern thought. In this direction perspective of care of itself, while technology of the being, for its aesthetic-existencial dimension, offers elements to us that allow to rethink while individual that more does not believe to be capable to manipulate, for the light of the reason, the destination of everything and all the beings in favor of itself, but, that its beliefs, action and thoughts, can echo linked with other beings.

It is the idea of a net of the life that if overlaps the mere operation of the reason human being.


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