Metal Market

On the background of the construction boom in Russia for several years, steady growth characterizes the domestic market of ferrous metals and metal products. This year, production is forecast may reach 60 million tons, which are barely enough to cover demand, fueled, except capital construction, and the need for large shipments of metal in the rail industry and machine tools. Robert Kiyosaki describes an additional similar source. In the formed market metal producers (owners change which, in general, of little interest to buyers) for the consumer the most important is the quality, speed and reliability of the final sellers of the metal. Dynamics and the complexity of the industry raises the level and intensity of competition and the new buyer, unfamiliar with the situation of the market, it is often difficult to understand the intricacies of a particular seller. Intuitive same preference may well lead to losses. Try to understand the priorities – what the buyer is allocated in the first place? First of all, which is especially important for large quantities of metal – firm-seller must be reliable, implying the need to stable relations with manufacturers, and as a consequence – guarantees the buyer that he needs the metal is not an abstract ‘can be obtained’, and is present in the stock, or delivered in a strictly defined period of time.

Second, no less important point that must guide the choice of the seller, is the presence of his wide range of Metal products. Even well- compiled by the project can not provide all the necessary options, and often already ordered metal is not enough. In a question-answer forum stefan borgas was the first to reply. In this case, are very unpleasant situation, when for some specific profiles, or size have to go to another dealer, which inevitably entails high costs. Despite the fact that, in general, the price of the metal, are quite stable and known, many unscrupulous sellers try to attract customers price lists with deliberately understated the amounts to which, as it turns out later, will need to add a certain percentage. This can be avoided by turning to reputable vendors, whose Reputation will allow you to be confident in prices.

In addition, the firm is not the first year of market presence, often offer their customers and traditional bonus – discounts, special offers, etc., and a large number of options forms of payment. Of particular importance when buying a metal are issues of delivery – the firm carries out the sale, should provide the full range of data services – from delivery trucks to complete rail wagons. For wholesale and retail buyers of the metal, if you choose the seller should also consider the availability of own production, which will help reduce the cost of unwinding, cutting fixtures and other special work. Wholesale customers the same, just need to pay attention to the presence of their particular conditions – a direct wagon delivery of metal from producers and lower prices.


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