The Internet and its \”own\” laws that marketing engulfs already vast sums of money in the traditional marketing area – now even the Internet marketing \”in the course\” comes and takes its toll – not only with right – in the budget of each company. Today is to look at MARKETING as a whole and thus also the budget items not to imagine Internet. That today a company without effective and comprehensive marketing no longer comes out is all too familiar. An enormous budget items in each operation cost estimate or budget represents this is also no secret more and that just small have their love trouble up to medium-sized businesses with this development – keep up with the ‘big’ – has become at least since the beginning of the latest crises, sad truth, and partially already tragic fate. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Deputy Finance Minister. This reality now is so hard, fact that is just newly sorted, new to this time – in which the entire market new moves, – already with a lot less use of resources, an effective and focused marketing strategy more also, worth than ever. The marketing-euro, francs, dollars or whatever, was still rarely so well invested, as in the present time – for marketing.

Many companies – just once again the small and medium-sized enterprises – which already increased the struggle with the \”Large\” lost who resist but also consistently implemented this so vital measure and a reasonable amount for pure marketing budget. Statements such as: \”I do.\” / \”That brings me enough\” / \”This money I am better for cheaper prices of my products / services.\” are in the short term \”imaginary\” statements and result in medium-term growth, nor (unfortunately) to the success of a company. One do not allow the other this motto should flow back more in the thoughts of entrepreneurs and it should also honestly even the question be asked: \”What do respond I when a product / service most likely?\” / \”How do I become attentive to a product, a service?\” Now, this question probably easy to answer: neither you nor I will learn about a product or a service, just by being in a price list of a company is: \”We are 10% cheaper than others!\”, or \”Our prices are already ‘slimmed down’.\” or \”With us, they are still King even after the purchase.\” No – USP’s (Googling easily) HERAUSGESCHRIEHEN must be \”worn out\” from the company, even better – must be placed \”among the people\”, broadband must be scattered in an efficient manner.

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