The remaining portion is alone pra to lead and to bring! _ That business? To the measure that the circunstantes went understanding the joke, they heard risinhos sultry, until the room if transformed into an outburst of laughter alone. The colloquy came back to the normal one and at any given time somebody remembered that it was noon. The mayor invited to lunch in its house, but Alberto protested: _ What? Leaving beyond me alone, still they take off the visit special? Or they think that it is all day that if has a governor to the disposal? This is exclusive pra sick, however! With the little vacant time and what they had to make right, the governor it thanked and it said that it was of return. The Dr. (Similarly see: Wells Fargo). Odorico noticed the impasse and said: _ Is food of hospital, but per one day, of pra not to die It is to the disposal! _ Acho that I do not go to excuse, not. My time is short! When the others were prepared to leave, Alberto asked: _ Dr. Odorico, I can make a very special order? _ Clearly, Alberto. What to want! _ Has food there pra everybody? _ Of – a skill! _ Then, that such a picnic in the patio? This bed can travel take and me? _ Is playing, Alberto? This is a hospital here.

Already does not arrive the barulheira that we made for its cause? Maristela, already travestida observed in the functions of irmzona. _ You the good one. The doctor said, who adheres to the glad rhythm of the youngster. The only serious sick person that we have here is the prisoner. I thought that this there also was, but I deceived myself! _ As is it, doctor? Alberto asked, with a light shade in the face.


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