Living And Working In Germany In Mallorca

Many want to see your family there to live where others vacation. A good choice for this is the island of Mallorca in Spain. But as you can to earn a living. Firstly, the different language is a major obstacle to be overcome, on the other hand, wages are lower than in Germany and working longer. From my own experience the life on Mallorca is also possible if you work in Germany. Many people are forced to because of their profession, to travel long distances to work. Thus, there are many commuters, for example in Berlin, living and working in Dusseldorf during the week. Precisely for these people is the location of Mallorca a very good alternative. Due to good flights to Majorca, it is possible to get much more comfortable in German cities, when traveling by car or train across Germany. From my experience, it is no fun with the car on Friday evening to travel from Dusseldorf to Berlin. In addition to the 600-km highway, which are especially long -Accidents and congestion very nerve-wracking. Furthermore, lurking on the road, the police, which is always there with radar systems, where traffic is running fairly smoothly. If we add all these costs once a critical, you quickly come to the conclusion that the flight is in the South for the same money is to be had. Many airlines have set up so that on Friday evening, a route is to Mallorca. On Friday after work my way led me always to the airport, where I can park my car in the parking convenient. Ideally, I am always flying with hand luggage only, which significantly reduced the waiting time in Majorca. Already in Flugezeug cared for by the flight attendants began my weekend. Without stress on the highway or in crowded trains. On landing in Palma de Mallorca, shortly after the door of the aircraft had opened, umstreifte my nose the smell of the island: By the sea, balmy nights and free from dust of the cities. At the airport has a business located where the car is very peculiarmay be small fee. A quick call and the shuttle had come to own a car. On my flights I’ve met a lot of people who work in Germany and stay in Mallorca. Mallorca is shaped over many decades of tourism and has a very high proportion of European citizens who live here. Thus the local people are accustomed to in all areas constantly working with foreigners and live. This makes life most worth living in Mallorca. In addition, the infrastructure in Majorca in recent years greatly improved. Streets, supermarkets, hospitals and many more have converged significantly the known conditions of life. For a resident in Mallorca is an appropriate flat file. From our experience, a house is eliminated. Due to the high noise in an apartment house, the weekend will be no recovery, but may develop quickly into a horror trip. Furthermore, the rents are so high that in Germanycan get an apartment that is twice as large. With an apartment you can not increase his fortune. I suggest buy a good solid property. A variety of Mallorca properties for sale on the Mediterranean island. This is not a sign that all want to leave the island, but was justified by the fact that many people enjoy a temporary life here. By the very good performance, it is a pleasure for many sell the property in Mallorca. All the way to their personal preferences such as a Mallorca Villa, acquired a beautiful country house or a building plot. When everything is channeled in the right direction, the quality of life can be significantly increased. An integration in Europe has many advantages which we can make a more beautiful and better life. Stefan Guenther

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