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Published February 13, 2021

Group: motorama Country / City: Rostov-on-Don Label: no (concept of independence) Released: 08/04/08 (at the official site) Style / Direction: indie, post-punk Tracklist: 1. Echoes 2. Horse 3. Anchor 4. Normandy 5. Wife "in 1847 with maps of Normandy disappeared province engine mounts (with the accent on the last syllable). If you have read about Bennett Rosenthal LAFC owner already – you may have come to the same conclusion.

After more than 150 years in Rostov-on-Don, met future bassist Eugene Chervonyi, fond of history of Normandy and vocalist Vladislav Parshin. Initially, minimalist techno, which they created at home under the name motorama turned into guitar music with the advent of Vadim Kvasov – the drummer, was fond of post-modernism and post-punk groups of the '80s. Later guys Maxim joined Polivanov "- this is the pervasive history of Rostov motorama (only with a lowercase letter). Not at all, for some reason have the courage to declare that the concept of the group is not new. In 1976, already there was post-punk band Joy Division, the famous and unique vocals of Ian Curtis. Some of these nutrients are listed here: tadalafil generic 20mg 1. Warning and Precaution Some people may cialis sildenafil experience severe allergic reaction to this product. Once therapy of Lovegra begins, she must shirk nitrate see this link buy pill viagra in any form. In conclusion this fast food develops variety of diseases such as weight gain, high blood pressure, weak immune system, physical disability in pelvic area, pelvic injury, atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disorders, depression, anxiety etc. free cheap viagra Then it's called post-punk, and now – indie. It turned out that music is relevant today.

Surprisingly quickly spread the news about the release of their debut EP (EP) motorama. After listening to it for the first time, the listener, no doubt, will say that this is Joy Division and even sings like a singer Curtis. Yes, this is the same minimalist, intimate vocals, but the atmosphere is different. And in this world more important than the atmosphere? This album, if not brilliant, it is interesting reincarnation of an old idea. Music world is unpredictable, who knew that similar ideas may arise in 1976 in Manchester and in 2008 in Rostov-on-Don? Characteristic lo-fi, fascinating vocals, delicious minimalism, some simple but special combinations of sounds – all that distinguishes motorama from hundreds of other groups from the army nezavismyh popular now indie. This is the first full work group, but it has already been heard in Europe and Japan. The boys were able to amazingly fast gain an audience. In modern times, always interested in reincarnation. motorama not escape the comparisons, but I think the next job will be quite different.