Jim Selman

But the jobs have changed through time, nowadays no longer exists task by simpler that this is in which does not have to sometimes make a decision or to face a challenge. When that you not always happen you could be there, she is plus you you would not have to be there. The roll of the leader this more related to a character conversational that operational, we will return in another article on this point. On the other hand although it can be difficult to admit it, the majority of the times the employees know more its work than its own head. Ben Silbermann recognizes the significance of this. Then that ways can be abrir so that what is necessary it realises? a) To generate the propitious context for the action. The new systems of regulation require of a different emocionalidad so that the required competitions emerge from the new labor profiles, we spoke of independent people who can respond to the changes, proactive quickly, able to reach challenging objectives and with opening to the learning.

The emocionalidad that qualifies east type of conducts is the confidence. b) The manager coach stops controlling action and she is focused in the processes to manage results. 3. The competitions that lack in their employees or equipment are an indicator of their management. Whatever of us we have seen like year after year in the performance evaluations, are employees who obtain low immense qualifications systematically or opportunities of improvement to say it positively, cases of this type are solved with dismissals or rotation of positions. Another point of view that will allow him to design tending actions to the improvement of results is that: one of the indicators of its competition like leader, this directly related to the development and learning of its equipment. The manager coach bet to the potential of each collaborator perceives, them competent beyond his present possibilities, while she works in the breach between his present situation and the situation to obtain. To develop competitions implies a learning process.

All learning brings with himself a small crisis for crosses that it, is a dismantling movement and reconstruction that an amount of anxiety and uncertainty entails. In order to be able to bear it with less resistance it is important that it maintains it to the leader with his bond and it generates an atmosphere propitious to learn, without punishing the error. Within the framework of coaching we understand that somebody learns when it increases its capacity of effective action. Then so that somebody can learn is necessary to generate the space so that it can act, and occasionally to commit errors, the errors and the successes thus are considered valued opportunities to learn. The question of the leader in the process will point a that lacks, and as I can attend the equipment to anticipate his you break, to facilitate its learning and to help to dissolve its limitations? Karina Mac Maney – CTP – Coach Professional Transdisciplinario Founder and Coordinator of Coaching Space Sources: – Harvard Business Review, Moon for Shots Management, Gary Hamel. – Cooperrider, D., Whitney, D., Appreciative Inquiry Handbook. – Rafael Echeverria, the emergent company. – Peter Senge, the fifth discipline. – Jim Selman, Notes of 1 Argentine Congress of Coaching. – Enrique Riviere Pigeon, the group process.


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