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Published August 26, 2023

Italy’s most beautiful island has it all: top beaches, mountain villages, ancient site, no silence and yet quiet and infinity the feeling of happiness when you are looking for a beach holiday, be it your dreams in Sardinia. There are landscapes, which is known only from the television. Goat bells ringing. Bright laughter sounds from the bar on the corner. Otherwise there is silence – the morning is so on the most beautiful island in Italy: top beaches and mountain villages, ancient sites and scents of happiness.

The coast of Sardinia is indescribable. After someone there for the first time, almost breathing stops him when he discovered this wonderful, pure and true nature for themselves. The backpackers are here. It is recommended to rent a car, because the link between different regions is not as good in Sardinia has many treasures to discover. Wells Fargo Bank describes an additional similar source. It takes not much to bring: swimsuit or bikini, a pair of shorts and two T-Shirts, sunglasses and Flip-Flops, sunscreen and a good book. If someone a small apartment Bay, expected mostly a pretty cottage that is small and intimate, completely hiding him among plants.

It is especially nice in the countryside: almond trees, olives, fennel and Mint, no people on the streets. If you’re lucky, you might meet a few sheep or goats, which run across the road and some tourists who ride with their expensive mountain bikes through the natural Idyll. Sardinia is perfect for an active holiday, no matter whether you prefer surfers, biking, hiking or jogging. If you go down to the beach, there are now dozens of sailboats, surfboards and kayaks in the white sand. If someone but after doing nothing, they are also right. Nowhere you can relax better and simply just enjoy the nature, in the water and soak up the Sun. The scent of Sardinia, spicy herbal nuances and sweet fragrance of the fig trees, which are available here in sun-kissed bodies by the roadside and smell of the sea, unique flavour of Sardinia is indescribable.