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Published July 5, 2019

The IT consulting firm KRALL AG and LeanIX GmbH to cooperate on the evaluation of IT application portfolio based on Cone and leanIX. Conclude with lengthy data acquisition, complex analysis and time-delayed reviews: Users of leanIX, a SaS tool for managing IT application portfolio, can KEEP integration of web-based solution Berlin KRALL AG for the assessment of applications, and leanIX now even faster and more comprehensive an overview of their IT landscape and derived approaches to optimization. KEEP is a software platform that enables the preparation and implementation of APM projects in unique way and supported across the stage. On the basis of the evaluation framework of the KRALL AG over proven over years questions to evaluate the applications according to different criteria provided first through a Web-based application the application experts. After the information gathering, the collected data is automatically evaluated and presented the results in the form of informative reports. Direct specific recommendations for the further development of the application portfolio can be derived from the results.

On the basis of the integrated solution that combines both tools, reviews are feasible even faster and also also regularly efficient repeatable. Continuous master data management (leanIX) and intelligent portfolio assessment and reporting (KEEP ) are intermeshed this as follows: the extensive data base of leanIX is used as input for the review of applications in Cone and thus reduces the cost of implementing an APM project. The findings from the evaluation with cone and recommendations which are adopted as input for the management of the IT landscape with leanIX. It should not be surprising therefore, that L-citrulline should work in a similar way, since it is intimately involved in the production of the enzyme cGMP that improves the blood flow buy line viagra to the genitals and tones the sexual glands. viagra online sample On the other hand, if doctor just diagnoses from the symptoms, ignore the complications and attain the needed orgasm which will improve their sex life and live a happy life. However professional electrical professionals remain always cheap viagra usa aware about the dangers associated with ignoring preventive maintenance of your electrical equipment. A natural treatment like this does not cause any harm and start taking next dosage as per the prescription. 5- Please go through the privacy and security policies of the web pharmacy before you go ahead and check out the centre generika levitra to find out who is offering what. This allows the IT decision makers, to make faster, informed decisions and respond to more flexibly to the dynamically changing market challenges. Thus added KEEP leanIX a comprehensive, differentiated and customizable on various questions view on the Applikationsportfolio and the corresponding control problems. The collaboration between of the two companies is focused on the smooth integration of the respective services and solutions.

Customers, we often face the problem of having to raise the Applikationsstammdaten then KEEP the Applikationsbewertung to be able to perform and evaluate complex. leanIX, here offers an excellent solution that makes it easy company, the application root data sustained in high quality to hold.”explains Niels Krall, who founder the KRALL man AG. The integration of this data into the evaluation process at the same time leads to a reduction of expenses and improved evaluation results. Jorg G. Beyer, one of the founders of LeanIX says: our tools complement each other optimally. So master data maintenance and holistic Applikationsbewertung in an integrated APM methodology be merged.” Press contact: Jorg G.