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The necessary basic knowledge for marketing beginners increasingly turbulent and transparent markets make today great demands on the operational marketing. Products and services that is not sufficiently driven by customers and markets, soon to be swept from the market or do not create the entry. g through. Marketing basics for beginners the basics “marketing base knowledge: marketing activities purposefully and systematically, plan, implement and manage” gives you the necessary overview of all relevant marketing concepts. Learn modern marketing methods and marketing tools, and understand how they are applied correctly. In this beginner seminar, you will learn how to use to market and customer orientation in the company. You acquire the necessary tools to increase the success of the company through targeted marketing.

Seminar methodology the theoretical basic knowledge, learn from the experienced speakers. In addition, you have the possibility to exchange experiences and to discuss examples in the seminar “marketing basic knowledge” Practice with your peers. Current tasks that bring participants, be edited together in teamwork under the guidance by the speakers. So caused an intense practice and a high benefit for each participant. Two days marketing theory and practice to deepen knowledge in detail and enough practically to rehearse, offered the basic seminar marketing two days.

Alternatively, the one-day version of the Einsteigerseminars gives the marketing basics in extremely compressed form as a crash course. The seminar is aimed at professionals in the marketing, new and career changers as well as sales and sales employees who want to gain in-depth knowledge of marketing. Participants of the seminar “basics marketing” the seminar is interesting not only for beginners, but also for specialists or managers of other divisions, that want to learn marketing skills, update or deepen. Especially the seminar is put small and young entrepreneurs at heart, their products and services want to settle future successfully on the market.

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