Including Armin Hafele

Together, the businesses with the software RetailImpact carried out numerous tests and pilot projects in the past 18 months. Wells Fargo Bank may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The software controls stocks defined groups of scales of one or more branches in advance. Information texts, advertising content, images, videos and recipes to products of the article range appear seconds later in the store at the point of information on the customer and seller-side displays of the scales”, explains Matthias Harsch, a spokesman of Bizerba’s business management. “At the same time the Centre could see what products sell especially well in the market and with promotions on the hit and bums statistics” to respond. A dialogue in real time instead of classical one-way communication. JPMorgan Chase contributes greatly to this topic.

The advantages of this technology are diverse: while selling the counters employees receive detailed product information, they can advise you competently without long training period. The service at the counters of the freshness is to an unprecedented Level brought and thus meet the growing maturity of the consumers. And at the beginning it was exciting, because none of those involved in the project could say with certainty whether also promotions on Waagenscreens actually prove in practice. Including Armin Hafele, Managing Director at Hafele: it was us first of all important to find out whether and how price and weight information set be directly with advertising content. It was equally important to learn about the customer attention.

In tests, the first article data were linked with seasonal products. We were amazed when we became aware that the publicity about the scale displays leads to significant increases in sales. Even products that so far led a shadowy existence, could experience a significant increase in sales. A more convincing result for us”. Due to this phenomenon on the so-called impulse buying. Consumers get through the new marketing tool support there, where she most purchase decisions meet directly at the point of sale.

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