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Published December 26, 2018

Approaches and criteria to optimize the communication who want to recognize success Sund optimization opportunities in advertising, PR, and sales should check following success criteria of optimization analysis of its projects: how comprehensive is the inclusion of the target persons (customers) in the design of communication? There is enough solid and proven success know how? Convinced communicating through creativity and amazing higher customer benefits? To ensure the optimization, we recommend you proceed as follows for the three main areas: success criteria to optimize the communication A. inclusion of target persons (customers) initial survey of customers (satisfaction, positive differentiation characteristics, their goals) analysis of all existing written and electronic information of competitors template of optimized communication variants to the grading (1 to 6 or 1 to 10… without any influencing comment) and subsequent establishment of the marking by the customers as success-know how analysis of all electronic and existing written information of the Competitors in comparison to your success analysis of its own success opportunities through collection of possibilities (brainstorming/Brainwriting) and success relevant assessment SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) new COPY platform (with clear communication variations) C. You can also use this herbal medicine viagra pill price for treating impotence. The money saved there would reduce premiums so that every American can afford to viagra without prescription do it. It helps to cialis online no prescription gain stronger and bigger erection necessary for lovemaking, you are suffering from erectile dysfunction. Scientist have estimated that approximately 5 percent of buy discount viagra 40-year-old men and 25 percent of 65-year-old men suffer from erectile dysfunction. Erfolgswirksame creativity to communicate perceptions and higher customer benefits collection of the possible higher benefit forms (for example, in the type of interactive workshops, which is (P.S.) described in the Post Scriptum and in which all the managers and your employees can participate and also as in-house workshop offered) creation of income implementation variants assess the Implementation variants by the customer (see A) choosing the best variant and cross-media wide cost effective communication. Our experience shows that this approach in practice has so far always improve success.