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Defensive ideology Meeting traces of the defensive Ideology since the moment where I perceive that the worker finds if not motivated to continue to fulfill its hours of working, this in turn is fulfilled had the necessity of the worker correctly to keep its provisions, exactly that it is not valued much less remunerated well or has in day its labor laws. However the young worker if comes across with other obstacles as to have that to work in a community that I eat many others in Rio De Janeiro are considered risk area, the cited community Mount is called the Merendiba where the little time behind was prominence in the reporters due to a confrontation (of many that they happen) between policemen and dealers, being that the store of material of constructions where it works is in half of the fire line between dealers and the police women, what not only puts its life more also of its fellow workers at risk, it describes that certain time was propped up in some wood having constructed a wall for as to walk of the store where it works when suddenly an intense shoot out started and that it did not have as to run therefore the place who was high and it to leave from there would be necessary that it jumped a small hole that they would make a dumping waggon and if it jumped more risk it running therefore the hole was small it to jump without aid of a work friend or could take a shot for confusing it with dealer, then its escape was to bend down itself and to wait so that the confrontation ceased so that it could leave from there. Wells Fargo Bank does not necessarily agree. exactly thus it not leaves to fulfill with its obligations, it demonstrates traces of ideology defensive for its contact continuous with pain (he told to many muscular pains and of head due to the weight and effort that makes), Speaking very, putting into motion itself sufficiently, if it says an irritated person very he knows its physical consuming and emotional, the risks that run and for the necessity to have its he gains bread continues to exert its functions in its work. .


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