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Published August 10, 2019

Cicero: “Nothing is so unbelievable that oratory can not make it acceptable.” Sooner or later we need to discuss our ideas in public settings and private. If we ran for an elective office, or simply if we defend our position on any issue we prepare to share our convictions and to contest any of our adversaries. For this and for this we must prepare. Talking the public can be strong for some people and the weakness of others, but always be convenient to think optimistically about the day whenever possible to present ideas in public. Speaking in front of others is not a punishment of the Inquisition or a penance for sinners. On the contrary, it is a privilege only granted to people lucky and deserving of such consideration.

When a significant group of people make a pause in their work and are dedicated to listen carefully, is telling us that we are important and, in turn, is giving us the message that he deserves respect. Therefore we must act accordingly. However there is a sui generis situation and that is when it comes to presentations given position candidates aspiring to elected office. What aspects should be taken into consideration when participating in a debate in which people take part with the same aspirations and which at some point we question? First of all take things slowly and carefully follow these recommendations, they may be of some use: You need to prepare well and centralize the initial intervention in two or at most three priorities of the government program. Time is very short and so it is best to deepen the most important thing superficially extended in several areas of the proposal. Since I began my management career, I’ve given people high buy professional viagra degrees of autonomy. It can reduce erectile dysfunction like nothing. viagra sale browse around content now This all happens according to the patient comfortability and thus, we generic viagra order are proud to be called as Best Infertility Clinics in Delhi. But one can find it hard to get sildenafil prices adequate sleep. Ask the team of consultants to draw up a list of possible questions and accurate answers to them. It is a way to avoid surprises or “a penalty in the last minute,” as happened to Horacio Serpa in 1998 when asked if he would extradite Ernesto Samper, in the event of such request by the United States.

Do not invest a single second to attack others. It is wise to make better use of the most valuable and scarce resource: time. Encourage her to his followers that they do not fill the room. The discussion is a scenario to convince the undecided or who have not been able to hear the proposals. The effort to lose if you talk to people already determined to vote. Speak without hesitation or doubts. The audience appreciates the candidate who speaks with confidence and demonstrated in his speech that has the problems of the city in the head. The debate is a good stage to present the ideas. And the trenches of ideas, Jose Marti said, worth more than trenches of stone.