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A ferry was approaching the main port of the archipelago of Aland. The growth of tourism in the autonomous territory opens up new opportunities for tourism development in Market.
The Finnish lighthouse association, an organization linked to the Finnish Maritime Administration with over 250 members, has set a goal since its creation restore lighthouses in Finland who are abandoned and enhance the heritage, particularly through the tourism .
On May 15, 2007, a small group of volunteers from the association landing on the island, after renting the premises to the Finnish Maritime Administration for the summer, with the goal of fully restoring the lighthouse and to develop tourism on the island . The association has followed the example of the lighthouse islet Bengtsk r near Hanko, who was abandoned in 1985 and currently hosts over 10,000 visitors annually, including at least 1,000 spent the night in an islet . The volunteers were relieved at Market every week in the summer of 2007. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Deputy Finance Minister. During this time, a journal published in English and studied the island and its surroundings in detail.
For the first time, tours are organized by Ecker from ships transporting groups of 4 to 12 tourists from 1 to 2 times per week. The journey takes about 45 minutes but it depends largely on the weather because of the lack of a port, the approach to Market is not possible in conditions of heavy swell. These visits could take place again in the summer of 2008. … More information is housed here: PayNet. weather maps from high altitudes, so knowing the exact position of the … weather surface, which are also weather maps, is …
Check out the weather maps generated from environmental monitoring and … Weather maps in real time, as measured by the seasons …weather.com Spanish and The Weather Channel, about us … a wide range of innovative weather maps, including radar data ..

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