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Published January 8, 2021

Interested can take here – an impression about our online learning system to prepare the theoretical driving examination after a short registration -. In the trial the M, S and L licence classes have been implemented, with the here comprehensible classification and presentation of check-up! on all other entitlements, as well as the unlimited full version is projizierbar. The trial offers maximum 10 exam questions (in the base and additives) in learning mode per topic area, in test mode up to 4 tests available per category of driving licence. Still, the trial for three days is limited. There is no more restrictions compared to the full version. Please inform your driving school or Fahrlehrer/in, your family in this context Friends and acquaintances about check-up! and its possibilities. Become a part of the check-up! Community.

The check card for access to the full version of the online learning system check-up! get learner drivers in driving school. -Sign up! Learning! Pass Exam! It’s that simple! What’s coming? Soon, there is a check card, which includes all 11 available in Germany testing foreign languages (English, French, Greek, Italian, Croatian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish and Turkish). If you very want to rally round others viagra in australia hinder this intimidating smoking liking then this possibly will be your prospect. An intercourse with your wife may cialis buy on line become difficult due to thinning of the article that takes blood to the penis. Every cheap cialis prices problem has its own causes but in common there are some problems common causes that impact on men’s health causing erectile issues. Apart from all this just make generic viagra sample sure that you do not practice more than one pill in a day. As well as in the real exam foreign citizens can in your native language then practice and course perform tests in the test mode (test simulation). CHECK-UP! at a glance online learning system with licensed audit mask in accordance with official guidelines structure and flow according to the TuV. DEKRA arge tp 21 (Association of technical bodies of 21st century,) works with any Internet-enabled PC or a browserfahigem mobile phone (on all Internet browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape Navigator, Opera, Apple Safari, etc.

alike) official examination question catalogue with all issues in accordance with the latest legal policies of explanatory texts and additional Imaging setting of the German question catalogue, i.e. You qualified, free and non-binding test access can read aloud all German exam questions and corresponding answers with all the features of the full version control of success with performance evaluation, optimally represented in manageable, meaningful surveys learning system of the driving school specialist publisher without advertising and Pop-Ups to the concentration on the essential more information more information about the theoretical driving examination on the PC, as well as to our online tutorial on check-up! get on the Internet pages at. Traffic-Verlag GmbH Remagen P.o. box 1740 53407 Remagen management: Geschwister-Scholl-Strasse 9 53424 Remagen technical operations and exhibition: Bahnhofstrasse 22-24 53424 Remagen phone: 0 26 42 / 20 02 – 0 fax: 0 26 42 / 20 02 – 66 email: Internet: online shop: registered office of the company: Remagen/Rhine registry Court: Koblenz HRB 10089 UST.-ID. No.: DE 149 272 329 Managing Director: Gunter Wirtzfeld sen., Gunter Wirtzfeld jun.