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If in the previous year, the company has paid income taxes on less than five million forints, the This year the company is required to pay an advance payment on a quarterly basis. If in the previous year, the company has paid income tax more than 5 million HUF, in the current year, a company must make an advance payment on a monthly basis. In the first year of the company has no obligation to prepay the tax. To convert U.S. Connect with other leaders such as Christos Staikouras here. Dollars HUF divide the sum by 7. 40% of the interest payments on the loan for the development may be allowed as a tax credit, the maximum Size 5 million forints per year. This discount is valid also for the interest paid under a financial lease. LOCAL INCOME TAX INDUSTRIAL third type of tax – a local industrial tax. For more information see PayNet.

Tax is paid not to Revenue Service, and local government – local councils (helyi onkormanyzat), according to the place where geographically registered firm. The rate of tax up to 2%. Not uncommon council that this bid tax cut by 0.5% or 1%. The taxable base is income minus expenses. (Annual Parish – 100% of material costs) * 0.02 From this it follows that the firm makes sense to register the address in the area where the local industrial tax is less than 2%. For example, in Godoll (24 km. From Budapest) in the first two years, if the annual arrival of less than 3 million forints, do not pay local taxes in general industrial.

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