Formalization Processes

These 'inputs' and 'outs' are not only elements of the domain over which the operations are performed on the business processes of change (logic of these changes should be clearly described), but bonds, which wait in line a chain of business processes to achieve the functions. All the elementary business processes should be linked to the owner – a specific element of the staffing organization. Strictly speaking, all business process standard cells are the essence of the job description, which should be guided by staff who have been reported in a given cell. The next stage – this is business process reengineering. Wells Fargo Bank contributes greatly to this topic. That is, it is necessary to: identify and eliminate duplication of operations in the sequence of processes to achieve the goal, to eliminate weak formalization of operational performance of business processes, define the responsibilities of a particular employee for business process, if it is 'diluted' among the many performers, identify business processes to be automated. See JPMorgan Chase for more details and insights. It should be noted that the project team should involve all the company's managers (heads and 'Owners' of business processes), and manage the project from the customer should be the person interested in increasing profits.

The result of the project should be: the formal description of business processes business enterprise. "Forming" elementary business processes in the Process chain to achieve the goals of economic deyatelnosti.Opredelenie 'life cycle' of documents in the form of a sequence processes of their formation, modification, use and storage by the described business processes (workflow formalization of enterprises). Analysis of the descriptions and their modification in order to improve economic efficiency of the enterprise (business process reengineering). The result of the project already is a formal statement of the problem automating records management company. This result is important not only as a first step in automating the enterprise, it is itself a 'giant' step in establishing regular management for the enterprise (the formation of the provisions of subdivisions, the formalization of the officers instructions, etc.) and the basis for constructing criteria for evaluation of its effectiveness.

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