Foreign Water

Water for heating in the heating system is recommended to fill softened water (after a special chemical treatment, or even rain). If water has high hardness, when it is heated (especially to temperatures above 60 C) begins intensive decomposition of carbonate salts and scale deposit on the inner walls of the boiler heat exchanger tubes, valves and radiators. The quality of water depends largely on the effectiveness and longevity of the operation of the heating system. If maintenance of the heating system in winter, you must turn off the boiler at the time, more than a day – must be completely drained from the heating system and boiler because it can freeze. In the event of termination of the boiler with the discharge of water for a long time, it is necessary to preserve.

Economic exploitation of the heating system to maintain the economic performance heating system, it is necessary to monitor and regulate the water temperature at the boiler outlet, depending on the ambient temperature. Practical limits of regulation lie between the minimum temperature of +45 C and +90 C. In determining the temperature of water exiting the boiler is allowed to use the approximate data: Foreign pace., C +100-5-10-15-20-25 temp. outlet, C +45 +50 +55 +65 +75 +80 +85 is not recommended to work the boiler at temperatures below 45 C (dew point), since then on the walls of the heat exchanger will be condensation. Some facts you should know! When starting a cold boiler to work on the walls of the boiler furnace is formed dew (condensation), which flows under the boiler, which is not a malfunction (leaky). After warming up the boiler to a temperature of 60-70 OS condensate disappears. All boilers are wall testing and adjustment of various operating conditions. Owner to carry out adjustments in various operating conditions. Owner to carry out automatic adjustment of the gas PROHIBITED! Connect the boiler to the chimney other heating device, and install chimney hoods on vents and is strictly prohibited! concrete legs of the boiler and the boiler in the deepening pit is strictly prohibited! In order to avoid breaking or blowing up of the boiler is not allowed to fill in (fill) the heating system pressure greater than 0.1 Pa (1.0 kg/cm2)! Do not fill the system right from the tap! The ongoing work with the water heater temperature of heated water over 60 C and hard water on the walls of the water heater may be the deposition of significant of scale, reducing the section of the tube until the complete scrapping of the heater!

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