Field Marketing

What it differentiates to Aplus Field Marketing to us from the others is that there are companies of temporary work that you can put promotoras/es but they do not go to speak in a marketing message offer hours people, the companies of stewardesses would only contribute that profile to you, the task force only commercial, etc. we we covered all the professional profiles What action of Communication " face to cara" they are carried out essentially? We are conducting battle of Field Marketing for many marks like Canon, MINI, Sage, Lilly Laboratories, etc. the campaigns are many that we are taking I finish at the moment, which if it would invite, from, to all subscribing themselves here to our bulletin in so that in we every month explained the campaigns that we realised and we published the very interesting news on the Field Marketing. As the yield of those actions of Field can be quantified Marketing? First it is that the budget of an action of Field Marketing is much more economic that any other action of the marketing, but generally most important: she is direct Is one more an action more qualitative than quantitative, he is measurable in almost real time reason why it is possible to be led back during the same. In the end a very creative campaign if it does not go to the suitable objective public will fail, a mediocre campaign if it goes to I publish correct objective can prevail and we go to those clients. How it would evaluate the situation of the Field Marketing in Spain? Brilliant, it is a sector that within the economic recession in which we were this growing besides being economic for the client, generates many jobs, any company of Field Marketing moves hundreds of workable contracts to the year. As the new technologies can support the development of this activity? Are basic, for several questions, the companies of Field Marketing usually they are companies by far personal working outside the offices, in great surfaces, points of sale, in the street.


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