Employment For Love and Money

Some made their career goals come true, but others were on the way to work because they needed a roof over his head. They had no choice but to default, because some food was more important to go to school to pursue that career diligently. We all dream of having a career where we can charge and still do what we love. It is a burden to get up every morning and go to work because this is a race. My career goal is to become an established writer. I am pursuing this goal with my published novel, and a series of short stories, but I’m not writing on a full time basis. I am not making enough money to quit my full time job, so this is not a race for me. I work at a job and bills than my paycheck.

I have the blessing of working with the employment rate is high and then low, so I should be grateful. I, but I dream when I can still pay my bills, and spend my time working on new novels, and new stories. This is what I do for the rest of my life. Treasury not leave my house to go to a building to work. I work at home, and pay for it.

Consider the path you have chosen and your current job. Ask yourself these questions to see if I love a job or a career: 1. I do not like getting up every morning and go to work? 2.


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