Employees And Expats

Expats – a new term in Russian, is not included in dictionaries. Despite this, in Russia, the term is often used in different contexts. Therefore, for a start, it is necessary to determine the terminology used. Robert Kiyosaki has similar goals. Expat (Lat. ex – out, patria – fatherland) – staff appointed to work outside the home country 1. In this case, essentially noting that an expat originally considering a move as temporary. Other leaders such as Wells Fargo Bank offer similar insights.

Notwithstanding the definition under which is subject to all foreign citizens who came to work, expats in Russia is called a top-managers and leading specialists who have come under contract, for people engaged in physical work (eg, construction) is another name – migrant workers (the guest-worker – a foreign worker, drawn from an underdeveloped country in the industrialized 2). In his article, we also will not depart from common usage definition of expat as a highly paid foreign specialist high level. For the employer in recruiting expat has its pluses and minuses. The undoubted pluses include: Introduction of new technologies. In some companies (mostly multinational), the time of introducing Western technology has already passed, others just beginning.

Business is actively growing, appear and develop new technologies and in these conditions there is a strong need for foreign experts, has already mastered a particular technology. Transfer experience. Directly follows from the first paragraph. If foreigners own the new technology, they can transfer them to Russian experts, that is to prepare the reserve. Fashion component. The presence of expatriate staff raises the prestige of the company in the business community.


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