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There are two formats that we send to our subscribers releases, whether broadcasts either an electronic newsletter: plain text or Html. Each of these formats has its pros and cons, the ying and yang. The first, text flat, it has the great advantage that, using this format, it is much safer to that reach, in greater numbers, the correct folder of our subscribers, the inlet, the second (Html). On the contrary using plain text you can not include or images or banners or use different types of text fonts to format our emails. As for the html format say that he allows us to embed images, graphics, banners and all kinds of text fonts, making an email how much more professional, more company.

What at first glance may seem wise, actually not so much. If we decided to send our press releases using html we risk that end in a pretty high percentage, in your Inbox of Spam from our subscribers. Most free email like gmail servers, not They show images if you do not soon authorize it. You have to authorize it previously to properly view all the contents of the email. This is because many who do Spam or only send commercial emails use images to track. Track is very interesting in principle.

From the point of view of marketing, it is good to track our emails to know how many people you have opened them or you have clicked on a particular link. But for me it is more important, although these statistics are very interesting, reaching most of the folders of entries and not remain in oblivion of the Spam. Reason number one for the me I opted for plain text, perhaps because it is a more informal format, as a friend writing to a friend and not as a company managing a Subscriber. You do not escribirias to a friend by putting your company logo nor would put a header as very professional. You write your to you, without ceremonies. You take the idea? Anyway you can, in some way, format something that email. Put the information in distinct blocks that allow a greater readability. I recommend, without a doubt, use both your Broadcasts for your newsletter, the format of plain text. What you intend when you send a release to your subscribers is that your emails reach most of them so that they can be read or not?

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