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Very it is known that the email Marketing is one more of the techniques of more powerful promotion Web, with the single condition well for being used. Like any action that involves an interaction with the consumers, the repercussions, in many cases are beyond our power. This means that, independent of the objective that we persecute with our campaign of email marketing, never we will know how it will really take the adressee. Some will think that our communications are to them useful, whereas others will say simply that it is Spam. In order to obtain that ours emails becomes " mail deseado" he will be unavoidable that we move away of any technique black hat. Therefore, ours first action will be to avoid to use bought data bases. The email marketing can get to be an excellent tool to accede to ideal ours target, but immediately it will lose all effectiveness when it becomes mail nonwished, not only affecting our reputation online, but being able to receive some type of penalty, since an increasing number of governments has begun to take legal actions to fight the mail sweepings. One of the best ways to avoid to be labeled like Spam, is personalizando the email.

The name of our client or contact surely will be the first field that we will include when we collected the information necessary to create our data base. Utilicelo. In the suitable personalisation of the message it is the answer for all these questions, at the same time as it is an excellent way to increase the effectiveness of our communications. We see an example. He is not the same to receive a mail destined to " Dear usuarios" that one destined in particular, with our name. In addition the file to purchases and interaction that this person has had with us is of extreme importance. Basically, when the sent information agrees with the profile and the interests of the adressee, the success is ensured.

Another element to consider to be considered Spam is not the frequency of shipment of the electronic mails. We advise against the shipment information newspaper. Most advisable it is to space the post office, at least to a weekly frequency. He remembers that to find out any type of newness in his site, the user has of the RSS, or the Feed Burner, the gratuitous service of Google. If he is thinking about sending an email to his data base, asegrese to have really something important that to say to them. Companies exist that have achieveed the success in this type of promotional action, obtaining a presence of very important mark through email and being able to develop an extremely effective strategy of marketing online, having found the balance right not to incur to fall in a technique illegal, and extremely injurious for our mark. It can place this post in his site, as long as it mentions like source to


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