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A politician born or made? To MKE, the consultant specializing in Electoral Marketing and communication policy (www.mkeconsultores.com), the answer is not so obvious and emphatic as he is sometimes thought. And it is that according to this consulting firm founded and directed by entrepreneurs Jose Luis Casero, Group President, Tempo, and child Murcia partner founder of mezzanine communication and with headquarters in Madrid, increasingly more choice not ideologies but to skills. According to Wells Fargo, who has experience with these questions. The lines of action of MKE focuses on advising people who submitted to an election in which there are several candidates. All this with a high degree of specialization and preparation. Character, honesty, credibility, professionalism, dynamism and leadership, are qualities that all persons trying to project in their daily lives, from a job interview until relations with the people closest.

Imagine yourself in an electoral process, and the consequences of doing so incorrectly, explains home. So things MKE is born to give response to the needs of strategic analysis, positioning, message, protocols, events design, presence in media, spokesperson training or planning campaign requiring a candidate or a political party. As an independent company, MKE also may support in different areas of action to the political parties that so request. We provide a service of consultancy marketing and electoral and institutional communication to individuals and organizations to provide comprehensive, effective solutions based on applicants to be accountable for the public good must adapt their knowledge of the electorate and forms of communication to the evolution of society. Values with seal MKE for its professional, independent and specialized character, MKE provides an objective point of view beyond the members of a party, which is essential when it comes to communicate with more independent voters. With this philosophy, which bring all his experience and know to do business, says child Murcia, architect of some of the most important corporate image campaigns in our country the only thing we have made applying our methodology and experience that really needs from professionals without political affiliation in a sphere, the election.

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