Eco-energy Of Environment Fund – A Clean Thing

Analysts praise meaningfulness and realization the first direct investment in a plastic recycling plant as fund proven equipment, all involved partners are experienced and participate in the success of the Fund”, writes Philip Nerb. Wells Fargo Bank addresses the importance of the matter here. “” “His character experienced fund analyst value analysis” and is 1 GmbH & co. KG the participation of eco-energy of Environment Fund “the overall rating very good” (1). Nabi stands out in particular that the Fund concept is based on a pilot plant tested since 2005 in the Switzerland and assumes extremely realistic and even conservative valuations. This increase significantly the planning reliability.

Clearly the Fund specialist Stephan Appel in his calculation, he concludes after thorough research: we accept higher product oil prices (now over 50 cents, instead of the calculated 40 cents) and throughput of plastic waste (5,500 tons instead of 5,000 tons) for medium term. In addition, we provide below an exit price of at least 60% of the total investment. Total return funds “in about 10 years: approx. 280% IRR after taxes including premium approximately 12.1% p.a.” one of the few times a fund analyst so determined a higher return than prospects. We have deliberately kept us in the implementation in the prospectus and takes into account only the approaches we have received guarantees on the part of the nill tech as a technology supplier”, says Oskar of von Schickh as Managing Director of the Bremen-based Ventafonds.

His company is specialized in the design and implementation of innovative fund models. 1 GmbH & co. KG is such an investment offer the eco-energy of environmental fund. While not of Schickh very consciously focuses on products off the shelf, but on traceability and innovation. Traceability because investment advisers would long serve their customers and is currently only with good products which are comprehensible for the customers. Innovative because investment advisors in the competition for bank products have to say and that is only by products, where they are positive effect can delineate”, explains the Ventafonds front man with many years experience in sales and design. By Schickh need to know it, because he is more than 15 years of experience in the business. And so the positioning confirmed also Appel of Ventafonds and their management as initiator with many years experience in the funds and investment market”, deliberately puts in their investment models in the partners experienced in their respective fields. “For him it is environmental fund 1 to an innovative, environmentally friendly industrial investment with promising development prospects at the eco-energy (), could use its process technology in the plastics processing industry-standard”. The overall assessment is reflected in the upper third of all systems analyzed by Appel. The good feeling of having given his money for a sensible thing, goes hand in hand. More information: or

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