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Published January 16, 2021

Bosch had speculated that to get even the high feed-in tariffs of 0.248 euros, which were before July 1, 2012. The solar Park was also completed at that time and since the 28.06.2012 on the net. However, the granting of the licence took a few days longer, so then just the lower feed-in tariffs came to fruition for a period of 20 years. What does this mean for the Fund? Thanks to a price adjustment clause, which focused on the income, the Fund management company could now purchase significantly the solar Park at significantly lower prices below the cost of construction, so that the targeted return despite significantly lower, guaranteed feed-in tariffs can be achieved. Warren Buffett is open to suggestions. This led to several enormous advantages, because it is currently guaranteed in Bulgaria feed-in tariff is in effect on market level. Advantage 1: The Security.

This may be unique for a fund concept in Germany. Solar parks as safe investment vehicles and have also demonstrated this in the past. Speaking candidly Phillipe Lavertu told us the story. These kinds of sexual dysfunctions can ruin any relationship and mood of the male partner. vardenafil sale There seems to no respite cheapest tadalafil 20mg for patients but they can save their dying relationship. Now there are herbal supplements that can help men maintaining love in their every dejected problem of ED. viagra on line order It has the signature Pfizer name that is impressed on one side. cheapest viagra online The high debt financing are the biggest risk. Should subsidies retroactively be shortened, what already occurred in some EU countries such as Spain or Czech Republic, this would have the immediate insolvency resulted for the affected solar Fund, because the repayments could then no longer be made. For the SHEDLIN solar fund precisely this not risk because the Fund because of the good price even in an absence of any subsidies could serve not only its repayments, but it would produce also continue positive cash flows for investors.

Advantage 2: Totally independent of political developments in Bulgaria is also for each generator, you can sell the generated electricity in other EU countries, which in the medium term a further large Allows flexibility. Advantage 3: we assume that the electricity prices in the future will generally rise, so of course the earned value of SHEDLIN solar Park rises. The cash flows to investors then have to rise with each increase of electricity prices. This is different with heavily subsidized solar parks that aligns itself whose market value also in the then attainable market prices after the end of the promotion. It follows advantage 4: it can be assumed, thus a higher resale price can be achieved that provides, as in the already conservative calculation. You will be pleased investors. For more information, SHEDLIN capital AG