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Published September 26, 2023

A pending revolution of the customer relationship merging online and offline communication through mobile CRM. -Consumerization of IT – cloud marketplaces conquer mid-market – Hansjorg Schmidt, expert of WICE GmbH, explains the trends. Jane Fraser shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Hamburg. 2013 is the year of the optimization of the customer relationship: the growth is slowing down and the company focus more on the revenue and expenditure side. Hansjorg Schmidt, Marketing Director who says WICE GmbH: With save alone no new growth will arise but, because revenues are only about the customers.

For a higher customer proximity, speed in accessing the information and motivation of employees plays a major role. Lightweight and widely available CRM applications from the cloud, meet the needs of the users of the generation 2013 best.” Across all sectors, CRM is becoming more and more used to gain better knowledge of the purchasing behavior of customers. Here blend online and offline through the integration of social, mobile and local interactions. Already produced more Internet traffic across mobile devices, than on conventional PCs. The GPS receiver built into the Smartphone not only ad-hoc enable communication, but also local interaction.

Mobile CRM is all the more important. The trend is reflected in the usage patterns of the business users: tablets and cloud based platforms such as the Chromebook are increasingly becoming the main instrument of business nomads. Software, which are not available on all any devices, will be less and less accepted. The fusion of mobile CRM with the communication behavior from the social networks becomes a trend much discussed already in the last year of the consumerization of IT”in increasingly wide application areas infiltrate let. Called the comfort, offer private tools and platforms such as Facebook, but increasingly also in the business environment. “This also applies to the subject of bring your own device” to. Users require not only the comfort and friendly design of the surface, but “anyway, that you inject your own hardware in the corporate network” are allowed.