Coraggio Economy

The inclusion of computation services also is questioned by its degree of abrangncia. Thus being, it is understood that the cultural economy can until being contained, in general terms, in the creative economy, since the creativity is present in many of its segments, however cannot be synonymous of this, for possessing especificidades and different levels of complexity that vary according to characteristic cultural and the level of income of the diverse world-wide societies. How much to the popular economy, according to Coraggio (1994), it is prevailed by the logic of the extended reproduction of the life and leaving of the domestic units, this subsystem could articulate and gain space, in way to the others two subsystems of the current economic organization: the capitalist enterprise economy and the public economy. In this line, the popular economy would not be defined simply as ' the activities of the classrooms more pobres' , but if it would characterize for the Deep formation of of Work directed toward the magnifying of the capacities (capital human being) and of the quality of life of the members of the domestic units. The popular economy absorbs the informality total. Applying the criterion of forms of participation in the production as basic distinctive trace of the formal segmentation /informal, it is consolidated what Cacciamali (1983a) calls of ' ' an interstitial boarding and subordinate (…) the understood informal sector as form of organization of the dynamic production inserted and is amoldado to the movements of the capitalist production, (…) continuously recriado, becoming flexible dislocated and permevel, adaptando it the general conditions of the economy, in special, of urbana' ' (CACCIAMALI, 1983b, p.27). In this conception, the informal segment is said subordinated in the direction of that its economic space is delimited by the dynamics of the capital, being continuously redefined. The informal activities act in spaces ' ' not yet busy, abandoning, created and recriados for the production capitalista' ' (CACCIAMALI, 1983c, P. Filed under: JPMorgan Chase.


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