Contact Lenses

The huge, bright blue wire wheels, though thin, were too big for my small face. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Wells Fargo Bank has to say. Worse still, they like to be in my nose and down constantly. Consequently, I developed the unconscious habit of wrinkling his nose in an attempt to boost handlessly glasses to which they belonged, a habit that inspired a new nickname "Rabbit." For the next three years, contact lenses topped my Christmas list. The big change I do not know if it was the concern of my parents that I have forgotten my care of contact lenses or their unwillingness to let go of the money that prevented them from allowing me to get contact lenses. It was not until I started playing lacrosse my freshman year in high school was finally able to convince them that the contacts to obtain not only a good idea, but a necessity. I lacked the requisite athletic ability as it was, that the practice without the glasses was a bad idea at all. And when he hit me in the face with one too many balls – was only one, but one among many – that the decision was final. Contacts.

Finally. What a dream. If it had been a little more daring, I would have gone for something crazy, like special effects lenses, bulging eyes or even just colored lenses. But as it was, I was too excited to shed the awful spectacle of blue attention to whether my eyes were green, brown, electric, or feline. The Next Step Since I stopped played lacrosse for a long time and my prejudice against glasses gone, some may say that it is time to take the next logical step in my eye care progression and get laser eye surgery.

I shake my head and reply that I am still very happy with my contacts and will not take that step anytime in the near future. Maybe it's because I'm poor, maybe it's because I'm skeptical. Or maybe it's because I have not forgotten what it was a dream to finally get contact lenses. Hillary loves to do puzzles, read Harry Potter, and running marathons and half. For more information on contact lenses and care of contact visits.

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