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About a year ago on the Internet with mind-boggling rate of spread commercials. contain profanity movie, maybe that's why it is very anxious to show a friend and send e-mail to a friend. The public wondered what it is: the machinations of competitors, information leaks, marketing. Whatever it was, but it was a virus – a marketing virus users send out mini-familiar story of Cinderella of the 21st century which has set in place a harmful stepmother, and actually touting new telephone tariffs Consumers do not need anyone, to push it to the transmission of information around – that's the main purpose of the creator virus. Advertising agency BRA-VO tub of cold water to increase the ability of times market share or number of customers – this is not a reason to drop everything and come to grips with the rumors. But! Should be cautious and leave the organization viruses professionals Each city IKEA surprises in its own way.

Someone in the emotion resulting color of the furniture and other prices in the cafe. Gain insight and clarity with Ben Silbermann . Residents of sunny San Francisco, IKEA unpleasantly surprised by her spontaneity, offering a discount to send the announcement to open the store 10 to your friends. Instead of crowds of shoppers company has received a lot of complaints, and hastened to turn this campaign. Company Fogdog, an online seller of sports equipment, wanted to attract new buyers to the site, and almost lost the old ones. Marketers company launched advertising campaign 'Mark the other' – specify a site visitor offered 25 e-mail addresses of their friends, who will receive a coupon for a discount of $ 10. Irritation of the patrons knew no bounds. The trouble is that both of these the company violated the trust relationship with customers, trying to move from friendship to outright and blatant greed.

For this, and paid the price. There was another company Intuit, which for the money offered to recommend itself. In response representatives of the organizations received – 'We do not sell your friends for a handful of little things. " Viral marketing is an excellent way of promotion, but like any other, it requires careful planning, building long-term friendships relationships with customers, understanding the nature of the problem and a professional approach. You successful virus


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