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Published October 20, 2011

"1C-Bitrix Site Manager – Expert" – the technological foundation for the development of the current site. With the edition of "Expert" can create a new web project or move an existing site on a reliable system management. Opportunities. Project Administrator, developed on the basis of "1C-Bitrix Site Manager – Expert," will be able to: – manage the structure and content of the site – edit text in HTML-editor – to publish news Press Releases – create hierarchical catalogs of goods and services – to distribute the access rights of user groups – to manage display advertising on the site – to assess the cost effectiveness of advertising campaigns – to analyze visitor statistics and efficiency of the site – manage forums – maintain mailing lists – to conduct surveys of site visitors – to organize the work of an automated technical support service – to translate the interface product into other languages, and more. To manage a project created on the basis of "1C-Bitrix Site Manager – Expert" is not required to involve experts in the field of programming and html-layout. A simple mechanism management. Site management is done through an intuitive interface of the administrative section. Saved changes are immediately displayed on the site.

Intuitive interface. Easy and intuitive interface provides the possibility of an ordinary computer user to quickly master the management of the site. In the public part of the site is a toolbar that is available for viewing to the public. Management structure and content. 1C-Bitrix Site Manager – Expecto" allows you to manage the information content of the site: to change the menu, create new sections and pages, edit text in an online HTML-editor, to place image to publish news and more. Restricting access to the control system. price tadalafil tablets In spite of a wide gamut of ED treatment options, most men fail to seek medical treatment. The active ingredients in Homeopathic sex medicines are adapted in such a way as to influence the concomitant factors like anxiety, depression and fatigue #3. buy line viagra Also you will have to make sure that you urge for sex is on the top list so that you can enjoy the sexual life. viagra sale Apart from regularly consuming sex enhancer herbal pills increase ejaculation force in commander viagra go to these guys men. The product provides the ability to distinguish between the rights of users to access the management system. Several staff members can control different sections of the site, news feeds, product catalogs.

Marketing research. "1C-Bitrix Site Manager – Expert," provides the technical possibility for audience analysis and site of marketing research on the Internet. Using the technical capabilities of the product, you can conduct online surveys, polls and surveys of site visitors, organize the data. Accounting statistics. The system keeps track of statistics, hits, hosts, sessions, visitors, a record of all related sites, record the search phrases popular search engines and built-in search engine. You will be able to monitor the external advertising campaigns, to observe the actions of visitors to the site, analyze visitor paths and much more. Evaluating the effectiveness of advertising costs. Detailed reports on advertising campaigns to help marketers to the company to conclude that the cost-effectiveness of a particular channel of advertising. Advertising effectiveness is determined by analyzing the behavior of visitors coming from specific advertising campaign. Technical support. Using an automated technical support service, you can really help our customers resolve issues. The system allows us to classify the user-set levels of criticality problems, assign responsibility for different categories of technical support,