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There are both universal principles and techniques of negotiation, regardless of their subject matter and specific arguments and methods of overcoming objections connected with all the above points that the purchaser needs to know as ‘Our Father’. 3. MERCHANDISING This is the easiest out of what should have kategoriyschik. Just because that it requires strict adherence to corporate policies merchandising. However, for the complexity of the company may be the presence of the standards themselves calculations, both at the strategic level of procurement for the department, and the practical to store employees, but that is another question.

In fact, even under strict regulations for some creativity in matters of calculations is possible and even necessary, because in addition to the universal principles and there are also features of the calculations of individual groups. In addition to understanding what to do kategoriyschik, there are recommendations on what exactly kategoriyschik should not do. First of all, I mean the function of the order. In many companies, this function is successfully delegated to the deputy head of the ‘local’ or deputy director of the supermarket. It is considered a great luxury to occupy valuable time such a qualified routine as the formation and transmission of orders to the supplier. It is better to devote time buyer or site visits competitors once again verify compliance with planogram in their own stores. Category Manager has to opportunity to exercise their functions must be simultaneously met the following conditions: – The availability of the necessary skills in these functional areas – automated accounting software company has relevant technical vozmzhnostyami – the presence of the prescribed job descriptions – job descriptions formally incorporated into existing business processes – all actions taken by regulated company regulations (standards, policies, etc.

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