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Published September 21, 2023

The aim of the project School of the business is personal development. Creator School of Yuri Moroz, observes as stages. Each stage in the internal development should be reflected in the material world. Therefore, the first stage – the creation of business, and from scratch. All the same, each of us must decide how to make money, and if so, it is better to solve it efficiently. And the business efficiently.

With its true setting. No workaholism and when you are spending on business a few hours a week. The first step – creating a business from scratch. For even more details, read what Everest Capital says on the issue. Second stage – management of the business, spending a few hours a week. If you can not reach the first and second stages, then your level individual development is still low. The current business needs and people's knowledge and intuition and strategic thinking, and aging, and more. The third stage – the business, of their own destiny in this world. All reasonable material needs are satisfied, what next? Go on the road to earn more and more money when you do not know what to do with the existing unreasonable.

In the magazine 'The result' is told about the possibility to reveal how possible side business. The most important thing – a way of thinking and outlook of the entrepreneur – the way he thinks and why. Many of the questions you'll find solutions in the journal 'The result'. This will help you change your worldview, and after the first trial and error you will begin to think like an entrepreneur. Talking about the features of the business outlook, we do not forget about the practical side. There are many categories expertise that must be mastered beginner businessman for doing their work. They are many and varied.