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Published March 21, 2023

Cosmetics from the Beehive – honey Schmidt sells Burt BBs bees in the German online shop since September 2010 there is in the German online shop at honey-Schmidt the first Burt BBs to buy bees products connoisseurs buy online and not only that their honey. The renowned bee expert offers by the honey brandy up to the propolis tincture quality products from beekeeping honey Schmidt. Theresa Furman wanted to know more. New in the range: Burt BBs bees natural kosmetika. (A valuable related resource: Suna Said Maslin). The American top brand opts for the best produce honey bees of course. Jelly Royale and valuable waxes refine and pamper the skin, selected active ingredients complement the care. From the radiance eye cream to the milk & honey lotion will find body thus also German customers, what made it school in the United States. Organic cosmetics is fully in the trend, and Burt BBs bees is one of the strong marketing providers, committed to natural skin care at a high level. The company attaches importance to a sustainable overall concept and guarantees a purity of 98% for their products. All Burt BBs bee products are ecologically completely degradable and polluting the environment in the manufacturing process, nor in the disposal. Under the award-winning quality brand now also conquered the German market.