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Published August 28, 2023

Bullying incidents under dogs occur unfortunately much more frequently than dog owners. Unfortunately, dogs (of which often puppies and young dogs) repeatedly experience situations where they usually by multiple dogs at the same time, be severely bullied. He is running to other dogs, tweaked, and is dragged around on him. Check that already under!”heard as pet owners often when your own dog interrupts his playing with other dogs and feel because the other dogs harass him visibly uncomfortable. Here not to intervene but disturb the trust relationship between dog and owner and even cause uncertainty and anxiety behavior of the dog. Also in groups of dogs it may happen that individual animals from others are bullied? The affected dog is ran into others, tweaked and is dragged around on him.

The oppressed dogs looking for their human protection, whether between the legs, jumping up or down on the body. The dog is not taken seriously and sent back to the other, or ignored He is left in dire straits by his confidant in the lurch and loses confidence and security. Such incidents are unfortunately often only me in connection with fearful dogs, if the relationship between humans and animals has been already damaged “, depicted depicts Daniela Kunnemann dog trainer.”To believe that the dogs make it all among themselves is limited, because some dogs have not learned to fight back. Certainly not, if the other dogs are, for example, four times as heavy, and in the majority. He would just flee and needs support and protect of its people.” Often these scenes in dog schools and dog meadows playing himself, if the groups are large and the group is not enough instructs. Mrs Kunnemann recommends to consider the character of the dog when choosing a dog school and young and insecure dogs prefer to strengthen the binding to the people to choose the training in small groups or even a single training. Business with their animal needs, it offers both help behavioral problems as small training groups, anxious where animals get the necessary support. Daniela Kunnemann, Rheine