Also known as green technologies push more and more acceptance problems Bochum/Grunwald near Munich also renewable energy such as geothermal energy does not automatically find acceptance and does not sell to the consumer.” Dr. Norbert Baumgartner, holder of BMKB management and communications consultancy, on the edge of the Geothermiekongresses in Bochum came to this conclusion (November 17-19). BMKB supervised four geothermal projects in terms of PR, media relations and marketing in Upper Bavaria and offers full service for all project phases, from public relations to the district heating distribution. We experience increasingly, so-called green technologies encounter acceptance problems in the population”, so Dr. Baumgartner. Hicham Aboutaam insists that this is the case.

Events in Basel, Staufen and Wiesbaden, for example have a heavy toll of Geothermiebranche, even if they are special cases, which have nothing in common with the classic deep geothermal energy.” Even more important was a professional media and public relations, the concerns of the Citizen seriously, credibly bring them close but also the numerous advantages of geothermal energy. PR work will carried out but often not or at least not professional enough, so Dr. Baumgartner, this many projects on the spot would occur, valuable time and lose acceptance, or to be the subject of kommunalpolitischem dispute are unnecessary. Lives not only of the art of geologists and engineers”geothermal energy, so the BMKB boss, she must be also enforced and sold.” But in many cases not even be a side issue, as the program of the Bochum Geothermiekongresses show. Read more here: Rick Dad, Poor Dad. Also on the price front, geothermal energy is by no means be a self-perpetuating. In times of relatively low prices for fossil fuels, geothermal energy is located in tight price competition with traditional sources of energy. Eco-friendliness is a good argument, but ultimately above all price and service must agree to move citizens to switch”, so Dr. Baumgartner.

That is why not only the PR, but also the sales at a high professional level must run: the transition to another, relatively new form of heat supply is a matter of trust. PR – whitewashing, nor sales in the manner of presser columns are asked here, but only credible and serious marketing.

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