Bar. Embed Refrigerated Cases? YES !

Successful bar – it is always a matter of pride owners. Who else, but they know what the price is given on this success. Developing pastry refrigerated showcases a new generation, as producers tried to take into account the wishes as designers of such an element bar as a bar and bar staff. In the beginning it seemed that their demands are not so different from the requirements for commercial equipment. Few years it has taken to begin production of just those windows, which were waiting for customers. Refrigerated can be operated both in outdoor and desktop applications. Buyers creative approach to site selection for display: some put on the table or under a table, cutting out a hole that was only visible part of the exposition, while others put on the floor, using the cover display as a tabletop, someone puts the window of the stand.

Simple design, reliability, modern design and low price – this term success of refrigeration cabinets from the owners of bistros and eateries. Bar counter is equipped with two additional refrigerated glass shelves, has a backlight, an electronic temperature sensor, automatic defrost. Operation of a refrigeration cabinet frees staff time a small institution, which is especially valuable during the influx visitors. Refrigerated new series of registration – the best solution for incorporation into the bar. Four levels of backlighting can accommodate most wide range in close proximity to customers, suitable to the bar or sitting at a distance.

Design and 'stuffing' of the refrigerated display designed with the specifics of the bars. One of the problems faced by staff is the need to shift Perishable products showcase the cold room overnight. As a rule, cold stores operating in negative mode and frozen goods. In the morning, customers who choose to drink coffee and cake, risking their teeth pieces of ice. To avoid this, the refrigerated cases and maintains the low temperature throughout the volume for this instead of the usual glass windows are applied. Powerful refrigeration unit can easily handle a full load, display merchandise. All you need a bartender, it lay a fresh product instead of sold. Clean and neat appearance – things without which you can not submit work of all bars and shop windows in particular. For ease of cleaning in the window provided by reclining front glass, it allows you to wash and dry it at a convenient time, without taking the goods from the shop window. The success of the bar consists of a number of factors: a good place location, found the target audience, the service and quality of service and more. Such refrigerated cases have helped many solve some problems and make your business successful.


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