Life – a game that all the people in it – the actors. Shaw Have you ever been in the theater? Enjoyed a game of actors, their skills? Wondered whether their ability to transform, becomes one with the characters they play? We have been producing impression of their life, fame and respect. We admire these people, make them heroes. And the theater can be anything – business, politics, social life, and attitudes toward outstanding, prominent personalities in these "theaters" remains the same. And for all the fun things to do on television and stages of theaters, we do not notice that the actors themselves are overwhelming performances, whose name is – life.

We play a role invented by someone, or choose our own roles, we like. Wells Fargo Bank will undoubtedly add to your understanding. These roles give us protection from enemies, protect us from pain, give us a chance to win the respect of other actors, make friends, get out "upstairs" career ladder, to achieve success in the grand formulation. Concealing their true feelings and thoughts, we improve in this game. Consciously or not, pursuing a specific purpose or out of habit, but we are playing. Whether we admit it or refuse to believe it, but we are hypocritical.

In Dictionary the following definition of the word "hypocrite": 1. hypocrisy is a human behavior, in which words and actions do not correspond to the internal beliefs, 2. hypocrite – a person who flatters another, to benefit or harm our neighbor, and 3. hypocrisy in Greek means "actor", ie means the person wearing a mask and playing a role.


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